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CLAIRE: Natalee moved to Mountain Brook in eighth grade, from tiny Clinton, Mississippi—and she kind of just fell into our group. I was Party, because for some reason I used to instant-message my friends as Party Girl600. She was obsessed with topography—she loved to study the mountain ranges on maps. She turned 16 seven months before I did, and she got a cute little white Volvo.

CLAIRE: Everyone going on the trip got on two planes—about 100 seniors and four teachers as chaperones—leaving for Aruba on Thursday. CLAIRE: The Aruba Holiday Inn was nice; the beach was beautiful. At night everyone got really dressed up to have dinner at the hotel, and afterward people would go to popular hangouts for young people—one was Carlos'n Charlie's.

CLAIRE: So Natalee said, "Back in Mississippi, everyone called me Hooty Hoo Holloway." We later found out she had completely made that up just to fit in! "It's Hoooo-ty," she'd say, in a high, silly voice on the phone. She was obsessed with stuff in her room than you'd ever seen! " She finally said, "OK, you can move it one spot over" in the parking lot. MALLIE: Natalee and I worked on weekends at my mom's organic food store, Harvest Glen.

I saved her last voice mail until a year ago, when it became just too hard to listen to. Natalee and her mom [Beth Holloway] were super close.

broke the romance today, offering its detail-hungry viewers only that the bereaved pair met at a fundraiser and have "been spotted openly holding hands and kissing" in Alabama.

John Ramsey denies the gossip, explaining that he and Beth Holloway Twitty are merely friends bonded by tragedy.

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