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George’s long bond with Alana has remained among the strongest of his 75 years.“You don’t get stuck in the elevator of life together and forget it...We broke up because she wanted children and I didn’t. Those are the relationships that define my life now.“I’ve no desire to ever marry again, though I would like to find a woman to share my path.I like young and beautiful women but the last thing I want is to push myself on a younger woman and become a father figure because of her demented childhood issues.“I have to find someone mature, and my friends are trying to fix me up.Alana went off to English country homes and fell in love with Lord Lichfield.“I returned to California depressed and she turned up having just broken up with Lichfield.I was at home with Elvis Presley’s manager, my friend Colonel Parker, and he said, ‘Marry her.He has made love to some of the world’s most beautiful women and he’s not about to stop now, though at 75 he claims it’s harder to find beauties closer to his age.“I’m playing to a different audience now,” he laughs.

The suave, debonair and perpetually tanned star of TV’s Dynasty and hit movies such as Love At First Bite, Evel Knievel and The Godfather III is poised to unleash on British audiences two new movies, a TV comedy, two documentaries, and a book on modern manners.

“I said: ‘I’m sorry but I don’t have my paramedic’s licence yet.’”He’s delighted to be working alongside ex-wife Alana Stewart, saying: “I’m still good friends with all my exes.

I’ve never understood why people pick out partners whom they will eventually dislike.“Alana was beautiful and intelligent but I decided I didn’t want to get married and went to the Amazon. At one hotel I jumped in the pool and found it infested with crocodiles.

“It’s going to be extraordinary but it’s hush-hush.

I can’t say any more.”Rod Stewart may be a happily married man these days but Hamilton by contrast remains footloose and fancy-free.

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    And after that, the two met each other in music shows, as well as variety shows, we could conclude, their sympathy for each other is increasing with time.

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