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” Turn down without being rude – Just like in normal dating, rejection should be handed over politely.

In online dating, this is done through posting closed-ended dialogue, in which you reply as if putting an end to the conversation.

There will always be time if you are willing TO MAKE TIME.

A few minutes of talking can make all the difference rather than telling someone that apparently, you’re « too busy ». Remember that most of the smartphones nowadays come with a chat-friendly front camera.

Seriously, it is very easy to see through someone else’s lies if you’re keen enough.

Through years of online chatting, I have concluded that nobody could be too busy of anything.

Soon enough, they’d find a way to excuse themselves out of the convo.

This may not be malicious in some cases but this is one of the top excuses ever.

The pain of being disregarded is more or less equal to that if you take the experience of other people into account.

However, for the sake of those still in denial, we will show you 10 responses from online daters that positively points to the fact that – you’re out of the game.

No matter how hard you try to make the conversation go well, his/her response always ends up with « okay ». They are sending this on purpose hoping and trying to discourage you into talking more.

Using the same example as before, you can turn down your chatmate by replying: “That’s cool.

Take it easy.” Timing is everything – The rule of timing on chatting and e-mail is a little different.

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