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He is angry that it is interrupting his trial, while Richard Barkley of the FDA confiscates the interferon and threatens to have Woodroof arrested. Saks agrees that there are benefits to AIDS medicine buyers clubs (of which there are several around the country) but feels powerless to change anything. Barkley gets a police permit to raid the Buyers Club, but can do nothing but give Woodroof a fine.The processes that the FDA uses to research, test and approve drugs is seen as flawed and a part of the problem for AIDS patients. In 1987, the FDA changes its regulations such that any unapproved drug is also illegal.

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She refuses to comply and insists that she would have to be fired.

On October 3, 2012, it was announced that Swank had dropped out of the film and that Gael Garcia Bernal was in talks to play an HIV patient who meets Woodroof in the hospital and helps him in the club.

When Leto was asked about his role, he said: "This was a really special movie. It's one of the best things I've ever done." He also said that he tried to stay focused on the role because he knew it was an incredible opportunity.

The pair establish the "Dallas Buyers Club", charging 0 per month for membership, and it becomes extremely popular.

He gradually begins to respect Rayon and think of her as a friend.

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