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Got in serious trouble when she tried to pelt Maggie Thatcher with eggs, when she visited my gran's home town. my nan used to buy pipe cleaners for me and my brothers, she used to give us a lighter each and we had a race to see whos pipe cleaner burnt the quickets...i was only 4-5 at the time ^_^ my grandad dug a massive hole in their garden for some weird reason that i still dont know and we used to attempt to jump to the other side of the hole which was probably about 6ft wide needless to say we never made it and always needed him to get us a ladder so we could try again Does anyone else have a naughty grandparent??? A real character and I still can't believe cancer managed to take her so quickly 8 years ago.When she lived in sheltered accommadation in her early 70's, a frail neighbours home was broken into (who was luckily out at the time) she called the police then entered the property with a knife and her staffie. My aunty went mad when she discovered my gran taught my cousin (who was 3 at the time) to roll her baccy. I thought I'd share some of her escapades that my 5ft nothing, mad Irish gran got up to!Although my gran said she would roll them nice and tight. She swore like a trouper, smoked like a chimney and a spade was a spade. You asked me how many drinks I had, not what they were and if they were alcoholic". When he got the caution, he asked what they would get for wasting his time!!!She was 5ft and would punch anyones lights out that got cheeky. He was in so much trouble with my grandma for that!Although my gran said she would roll them nice and tight. Charges were dropped and the RSPCA rehomed the dog.Was caught by a police helicopter up a tree, when they were searching for an escaped criminal from prison.These mature housewives want to show their old pussy to you.They are experienced and make you cum in matter of minutes.

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