Mizukawa asami dating

” Masami's image has always been that cute girl with a chubby smile, I am not sure if the media are just looking too deep into the situation or not, or if Nino truly cheated on his girlfriend or that they just have other kinds of problems.

Some tabloids are saying that they broke up was also we are all just fans anyway, we can never know the real plot behind their public image.

They somehow broke up along the way, and everyone was speculating how this had left Nino scarred for life and he became a player.

According to Shukan Josei, Nino was at a gathering with friends from the entertainment circle, with Hide of the comedy duo Penalty when Kojima Yoshio showed up with several other entertainers to join them.There were times when they were looking into one another's eyes and seemed deep in conversation, and there was a good vibe about them. From start to finish they had been smiling and laughing as they talked, but at the end Ninomiya's face became serious, and he seemed troubled as he talked to Mizukawa about something.I wonder if they were talking about Nagasawa..." (Fellow Customer)"When I pass by him in the entrance hall, he's the sort of person who will expressly stop to say hello to you.', and when I looked, I saw him next to a girl - I was really surprised.It was Mizukawa Asami.' (Fellow Customer)"Mizukawa was quietly dividing up the ingredients and recommending drinks.

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