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Well, the happy news for Courtney is that she is in a straightforward- dating relationship with 2014 met mystery boyfriend. Nevertheless, she really feels like a princess on her birthday and dresses accordingly.

Now moving on to her body configuration and physical sex appeal, she has got high physical sex appeal – thanks to her moderately tall height of 5 feet and 7 inches, fit petite curvaceous hourglass shaped body with well maintained body measurements, silky wavy hair, toned thigh, legs and bosoms, and lastly her fearless/sassy attitude, unorthodox sense of humor and bold fashion sense. Moreover, many people can cash-in remarkable shopping-discounts through her website/blog “” on her birthday.

I should've trusted that my friends saw something in Matt that was enough to warrant a red flag. Isn't hind-sight when it comes to your exes always 20/20?

It certainly is…but apparently Matt and I never had a relationship.

) as me and my best friends take a road trip…and I almost get arrested!

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You will see much more of her in the next couple episodes and be able to see how our relationship evolves.

“The boyfriend just told me that watching a fball game without sound is like a good outfit with bad shoes. #National Championship.” We can’t wait to find out more about your guy!

"Love Can Make You Crazy"I should've listened to their advice.

On this lovely day, we will just try to shed light on her past to present dating relationships. Clearly, having been a colorful attendee in the shows like Millionaire Matchmaker (2013) and shows above, the Texas-born diva is not a loner when it comes to whole dating process.

We all know that the beauty of American nationality dated former NFL athlete/rich-guy Matt Nordgren in the past.

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