Law intimidating

“I don’t care how old you are, if you intimidate a witness in this city, I’m going to come after you,” District Attorney Seth Williams warned in a press release on Wednesday.

Digital witness intimidation has created new problems for law enforcement and for courts, experts say.

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In extreme cases, workplace intimidation can lead to suicide.

Your tormentors may even accuse you of bullying them if you stand up to them.

Workplace intimidation always decreases productivity by lowering morale and increasing internal frictions within the company.

“Social media and the online exchange of information have changed many of the ways we think about law enforcement and crime control, and this is one of the important ways.” The account on the photo-sharing site — called “rats215” — had identified more than 30 witnesses since February, and had posted pictures, police statements and testimony, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. But it’s just the latest example of witnesses encountering threatening messages on social networks or being photographed in courtrooms and later having their pictures show up online. Y., drug defendant was convicted of witness intimidation and tampering with a witness after the witness’ testimony and statements were posted to Facebook on the eve of his trial.

In July, two Louisiana men were indicted for threatening a federal witness via Instagram; each face maximum sentences of 30 years in prison if convicted.

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