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Your relationship tends to feel like a marriage, regardless of how long you've been in it — and you're OK with that!Like Molly and Arthur, you build relationships with foundations so strong that nothing (even a bit of magic) could break them.No one can blame you for getting your kicks from going for the girl or guy who is hardest to get.Unrequited love has its ups — it's exciting, dramatic, and feels like life and death. You may not be quite ready to settle down yet, but when you are, make sure to pursue someone you love and who loves you back just as much.You seek comfort, friendship, and everlasting love.You are the prime example of how being with your best friend is the key to happiness.When you do finally end up with the person you're meant to be with, it is pure magic.Like Ginny and Harry, you know how to prioritize what's important and are able to see the bigger picture beyond just you and your significant other.

In your relationship, you seek to be with someone who is your equal in all ways.

And as we’re short of an actual hat, here’s a personality quiz that will do the job just as effectively: Note: neither science nor magic have been used in the development of this quiz. See more: Harry Potter’s Classmates: Where Are They Now? Personality Quiz: Which British University Should You Attend?

Personality Quiz: Which Shakespearian Tragedy Art Thou?

Our favorite couples in the series had their ups and downs, but they displayed in no uncertain terms what different kinds of love can really be like — with or without the magic.

Take the quiz to find out what Potter pair you resemble the most.

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