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Dictionaries first published the word 'tourist' sometime in 1800, when it referred to those going to Europe or making a round trip of natural wonders in New York and New England.

The absence of urban tourism during the nineteenth century was in part because American cities lacked the architecture and art which attracted thousands to Europe.

Florida's white sandy beaches, warm winter temperatures and wide range of activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and hiking all attracted tourists to the state.

During the 1930s, architects designed Art Deco style buildings in Miami Beach.

Terrorists used four commercial airliners as weapons of destruction, all of which were destroyed in the attacks.

In the US, tourism is either the first, second, or third largest employer in 29 states, employing 7.3 million in 2004, to take care of 1.19 billion trips tourists took in the US in 2005.

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The English writer and actress Fanny Kemble was an admirer of the American prison system who was also concerned that nature was being destroyed in favor of new developments.

During this time, air travel in the US evolved from a novelty into a routine for business travelers and vacationers alike.

Rapid developments in aviation technology, economic prosperity in the United States and the demand for air travel all contributed to the early beginnings of commercial aviation in the US.

American cities tended to offend the sensitive with ugliness and commercialism rather than inspire awe or aesthetic pleasure.

Some tourists were fascinated by the rapid growth of the new urban areas: "It is an absorbing thing to watch the process of world-making; both the formation of the natural and the conventional world," wrote English writer Harriet Martineau in 1837.

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