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'Has anyone had discussions like that with their children? Does he have any sense of appropriate boundaries with other people?I expect normal ''what is sex'' conversations but didn't expect personal questions like that.'She later posted: 'Now I regret answering. Why was your knee jerk reaction to be honest rather than shut the question down? You should not have answered,' Bruce And Noush said.She also said most of the sex acts were carried out by the 14-year-old.The judge said the 15-year-old bore responsibility for the assault as well. one can assume he was manufacturing child pornography," Judge Patricia Mendoza said.My answer would have been that's private between me and your father and not something that you or anyone else needs to know. He's approaching an age where he will naturally be curious about sex, so great he feels he can be open with you about it, and you feel you can be honest with him.'I'd far rather a dose of embarrassment here and there, than a dose of herpes or an unplanned pregnancy in a few years because there was a question he wanted to ask, but felt he couldn't.''I think its absolutely fine.You've taught him that its completely normal to have regular sex within a committed relationship.

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I would never in a million years have asked that question of my mother!

The boy and his mother said they had never seen Bland before.

A mother has been left 'mortified' after her son asked her how often she has sex with his dad - and fellow parents were horrified to learn she actually gave him a truthful answer.

She said her son told her he knew it was a 'weird' question, and asked her never to speak about it again once he learned that his parents had sex once or twice a week.

Bestoutofthree posted: 'Even though I tried to seem calm and cool, it felt just really odd.

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