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I 100% know this style isn’t for everyone, but even just looking at the pictures gets me excited all over again!

So, let’s pause a moment and take a look back where we started. Let’s just say the builder we used gave us a few grey hairs along the way and this stone had something to do with it.

3M offered to send me some products to help with my DIY projects and because I love 3M I said, “Yes, Please! I also was busy paining the teal color on the walls so I didn’t have to cut in around the plywood. And then I had a good laugh because it kind of looked exactly like… Before painting the planks I needed to fill in all the tiny holes from my staple gun.

Some brands, don’t accept paint well, and I feel like you can see every single nail hole. The man hands belong to one of them) We didn’t have to wait at all for it to dry, so we got down to work painting… She did this style project on an entire accent wall in her daughter’s bedroom and it blew me away. Click Here to see her full tutorial As Mandi would say, Amazeballs right?It was really simple and didn’t take much time at all.Since we made all of our cuts consistent, we didn’t even have the need to caulk at the intersections. I’m all about efficiency, so I took pictures, Matt finished the last pieces, and Eric go to work staining the wood.So, I’m picky and only use really clear protective eyewear and my favorite pair (you’ll see me wearing them on the show) are these 3M Safety Glasses with none other than Mike Holmes- gotta love him! it dries so fast that there’s almost no wait time at all.By the time I had them all filled, I just hit it with a sanding block and was ready to paint. While Eric painted, Matt and I got to work creating the hexagon wood trim.

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