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I tried my best to be sent back to the hotel as a reprimand for my bad behaviour, but to no avail. The tingling running over my naked body was tantalizing and requested some attention from my left hand, but I did not dare to remove it from my mouth.Thank heaven that my parents considered me as being old enough to have a hotel room on my own. This night, I slept like a baby and also was an irritatingly well-behaving teenage-girl for the rest of the holidays.We had met on a school party and, by chance, had danced together, coming closer to each other with each dance.As nature takes its course, we began to meet each other after school, mostly at my home, because her mother did not work.Frustrated as I never was before, I wiped myself clean between my legs, ripped the picture out of the magazine, put it in my trouser's pocket, flushed the toilet and went out.I certainly was blushing red, and my mother looked at me somehow puzzled.

A true sissy's clitty should remain limp and girly at all times.

But first let me explain something to all my good girls...

stays perfectly limp, as a failed excuse for a functional penis should always be.

For my today standards this magazine was crap, but at the age of 13 it attracted me as a moth being drawn to a burning candle.

I went through the pages, looking for good pictures of naked people in various poses, giggled about some pictures, and stumbled upon an article about what was called BDSM.

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