Doing sex chat without loging

Considering that this relationship maybe over a long distance the chances of you meeting the other person are almost next to none.But don't let this stop you from keeping in contact of each other.It is another way of getting another chatter to talk to you, but it is considered to be rude unless you have no choice to, which is usually when no matter what you have said in the chat, everyone is still ignoring you even though you have not typed anything rude or insulting.

Also you can use the abbreviations previously mentioned also.

A lot of people out there have met their significant others through the computers and why shouldn't you?

There's just a few things to follow and to keep an eye on.

Try not to yell, this is where you either type in all capitals or use text editing to increase the font size and bold type of your message.

In IRC's you can only type in all capitals, there is no text editing.

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