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We met for sushi and the conversation started off strong with skiing (yes, one of my favorite topics).He had just purchased a Rocky Mountain Super Pass and could ski everywhere from Eldora to Steamboat. Though my pass included five different mountains within two hours of Boulder, none overlapped with John’s pass.The conversation moved to focus exclusively on the topics of muscles, protein, and #fitspo for the rest of dinner.From there I knew we would never be a fit (pass the burger and beer, please! I left that night intent on clicking towards more carb-friendly pastures.Still, I knew that the right app could introduce me to new people I might never have met by chance.So I turned to a different one: Ok Cupid, an app with longer profiles and more information that gave me more engaging conversations.The second date was with Sam*, who ordered a calorically-packed beer but made me slightly nervous when he ordered nachos and told the waiter, "We’re just grabbing snacks." ?Sam was the polar opposite of the traditional Boulder stereotype—he loves the indoors and reading, and has a Masters degree from Yale.

If you’re looking for a skinny-jean-wearing, man-bun-sporting dude, you will probably have better luck in Cap Hill than say, Lodo.Sure, there seemed to be a high volume of puppies and six-pack abs in profile pictures, but I felt way more comfortable setting up blind dates with people here.The first date was with John*, whose profile boasted his love for the outdoors, his local know-how, and his value-driven worldview.We'd failed the ski pass compatibility test—but there was still hope.Then the food came, and unfortunately for the future of our relationship, his dish was served with extra rice.

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