Dating guy with daughter

Keep in mind that was after multiple reminders to "wrap it up", and at our house you get a warning first, then there is a consequence if you don't follow through.

Anyway, we learned from d/d that the young man intends to move to another state in the fall to attend a special trade school.

We do not yet allow her to "date", but we do allow her to go places with groups of friends such as to the movies and to community or school events.

She was invited to prom this year, and after weighing all of the information, we decided to let her go.

A group of the teens came to our neighborhood several weeks ago, and he was in attendance.

Our d/d asked if the group could "hang out" at our house for a few hours, and we agreed.

Two nights ago, she was on her cell phone at pm, and I told her it was time to call it a night; she was on the phone with him, and ignored my request 3 times. The next day, we allowed her to have friends come over to swim.

My oldest d/d is 14 and recently completed her first year of high school.

Prior to this year, she has gotten excellent grades and aside from the normal middle school behavior issues, she has not been a problem.

He had parked at a neighbor's house so that we couldn't see his car. Yet, every time we give her some leeway, she consistently makes the wrong choices.

We had a conversation with the young man and explained our position. We also spoke to our d/d--who had absolutely no reaction. We have discussed everything openly as a family, and d/h and I ensure that our rules are clear, and the consequences are equally so.

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