Dating couples spiritual formation resources

For those who do not consider themselves Christians, the highest purpose of our services is to go beyond solving problems and reducing symptoms to assist the formation of fulfilling lives.Whether you are looking for counseling services, for spiritual encouragement, for information about how a church-based counseling ministry provides its services, or for an exciting mission to join, we invite you to explore the expanding resources this web site has to offer.that children who are baptized (“sacramentalized” by Baptism, 1st Communion, Confirmation) will eventually mature (take on adult responsibilities, such as marriage) and become “practicing Catholics”.

Here are a few suggestions: • Practice nonjudgmental truthfulness. In our discernment work, we spend a great deal of time helping Catholics recognize ways that they are already being used by God that have escaped their notice.

If they give you permission, consider praying for this in front of them in your own words. I know this can be anxiety producing for many Catholics, but there is tremendous power for some in hearing someone else putting such a prayer into words.

• Ask them if they would be willing to pray themselves and acknowledge their openness to God. But when it happens, it can seem simple and nondramatic.

The Catholic tradition holds that grace perfects nature (since God is the author of both).

So it is important to take advantage of whatever aspects of human culture will help the potential disciple. While we cannot make anyone become an intentional disciple, we can intentionally and intelligently work to create an environment conducive to the growth of personal faith and discipleship.

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