Consolidating itunes library to external hard drive

After asking around and browsing the net, I found several ways to achieve this goal; from the easiest – almost automatic – way, to the script-compiling complicated way.

In the end, I picked the easiest and most obvious way: the i Tunes way.

You will get this error message every time you want to play a file that doesn’t exist in the local hard drive.All Macs come with i Tunes preinstalled and a Windows version is also available free of charge.There are 3 main ways of adding music to an i Tunes library; purchased downloads from the i Tunes Music Store, ripping CDs directly into i Tunes, and importing files that are already on your hard drive into your library.Open i Tunes Unchecking this will stop i Tunes from moving your Audio Files around and putting them in folders of Artist and Album Name.This will avoid missing showing up within the Serato software since they will no longer be shifted around by i Tunes.

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