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(this is the reason why this icon has been placed in Expressions category).So, if you want to comically say something like that you’ve been hit by a huge workload, you can use this symbol.He used this alias to sign software programs which he created for Apple II.As a sign of respect for Markkula, Apple has been using John Appleseed as a . Other possible usages could be “I love going to Church”.10.

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Facebook also launched FB Stickers Store to supply even more such icons. A lot of people often use this emoji to convey “embarrassment” or and “oops! But in this money emoji with eyes covered by his hands is actually connects to the proverb “See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil”. To complete the set, there are two more money emojis available.

As per Mashable, this icon was originally meant for asking how could you be of help to the other person (like a receptionist asking attitude.

These people think that the brunette has flicked her hair backward with her hand and thus conveying a sort of superiority or carelessness.

Now it is even possible to use Whats App on computer.

People all over the world are using Whats App in a large number of languages.

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