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Here I show you the subquadrant of the east of the east watchtower: Reading the letters from left to right you find: r Z l a, who is the first of the cherubic angels of the eastern subquadrant of the eastern watchtower.The order of the letters can be permutated, generating the four angelic names: r Zla, Zlar, lar Z and ar Zl.These four angels are controlled by a special name of god, which you can create when you look which letter of the Black Cross is in the same row as the cherubic angels. Add this letter to the first angelic name to get the name of god: e-r Zla.In modern terminology this is the name of an archangel that controlles the cherubic angels.

As an example of how to extract the angelic names I use the eastern quadrant. The first and most important angel is the overseer of a quadrant, or - as Nalvage pointed out clearly - the quadrant itself.In the original manuscripts there is only one name of god that controlles the four cherubic angels - contrary to the modern interpretation, where there are 64 archangels, each controlling one of the 64 cherubic angels.Eastern quadrant Eastern subquadrant: Rzla, Zlar, Larz, Arzl — Name of God: Erzla Southern subquadrant: Utpa, Tpau, Paut, Autp — Name of God: Eutpa Western subquadrant: Xgzd, Gzdx, Zdxg, Dxgz — Name of God: Hxgzd Northern subquadrant: Cnbr, Nbrc, Brcn, Rcnb — Name of God: Hcnbr Southern quadrant Eastern subquadrant: Boza, Ozab, Zabo, Aboz — Name of God: Eboza Southern subquadrant: Phra, Hrap, Raph, Aphr — Name of God: Ephra Western subquadrant: Iaom, Aomi, Omia, Miao — Name of God: Hiaom Northern subquadrant: Roan, Oanr, Anro, Nroa — Name of God: Hroan Western quadrant Eastern subquadrant: Taad, Aadt, Adta, Dtaa — Name of God: Ataad Southern subquadrant: Tdim, Dimt, Imtd, Mtdi — Name of God: Atdim Western subquadrant: Nlrx, Lrxn, Rxnl, Xnlr — Name of God: Pnlrx Northern subquadrant: Magl, Aglm, Glma, Lmag — Name of God: Pmagl Northern quadrant Eastern subquadrant: Dopa, Opad, Pado, Adop — Name of God: Adopa.Kelley described the appearance of these elder angels as "six old men with white beards and staffs in their hands".The angel Ave notes that these elder angels are the ones mentioned in the Revelation of John.

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