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Agent’s role defines the set of permissions that agent will have in Live Chat.For example, administrators can configure all the setting and access all stats whereas Normal users have a limited access to those options.Espressif is hosting the ESP32 Software Development Kit (SDK) on Git Hub.Cloning that repository will set you up with libraries, source files and example code for the ESP32.As an admin, you can choose the set of notifications for of each agent individually. If you have configured groups, you will get an option to assign the agent to one of them.This way, the agent will only receive chat from that particular group.The concurrent chat limit sets a cap on the number of chats your agent will receive at once. The last pair of options defines if the agent will accept chat right after login or not.

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The ESP32 doesn’t replace the ESP8266, but it does improve on it in every aspect.

Last year, the ESP8266 took the embedded Io T world by storm.

For less than , you could get a programmable, Wi Fi-enabled microcontroller with just enough GPIO to wiggle some LEDs and monitor some sensors.

If you want to compile the executables on your own, reading through the ESP32 SDK Readme is a good place to start.

Personally – stuck on a Windows machine, and with limited cross-compiling experience – I sought out a pre-built toolchain. You may find other pre-built toolchains posted on the ESP32 forum.

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