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Simi Special Parents Network (English) Come and join us for a cup of coffee, learn about our resources and talk about issues related to raising children with special needs.INFORMATIONAL “One - Pager” Develop a One - Pager for you or your Family Member Create your child’s (or adult served by TCRC) One- Pager.Special Education basic IEP information will be shared by a Rainbow parent.Knowing your rights and responsibilities can help you be a more effective advocate for your child.Santa Paula Support Group (Spanish) Meets 1st Monday of the month pm - pm at Heritage Valley – ARC in Santa Paula.Families of adults served by TCRC meet to share the experiences and resources.

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As there might not always be a support group available for a specific diagnosis, we try to provide a parent match upon request. Hawdon (Eds.), Encyclopedia of drug policy: ``thewar on drugs''past, present, and future. Credo Reference, Available from: [Accessed 16 November 2017]. "Medical Marijuana." Encyclopedia of Drug Policy: "The War on Drugs" Past, Present, and Future, edited by Mark Kleiman, and James Hawdon, Sage Publications, 1st edition, 2011. Please contact individual groups to confirm meeting dates and times prior to attending.Rainbow Connection provides support, information, training and activities for families. We encourage you to attend a support group at least once.

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