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In 1757 the total number of adult Catholics in the county was only 117.

Yet Father Schneider seems to have kept up his school all this time, and to have gradually increased the number of pupils attending, for in 1763, about the time of the close of the war, we find that the school was large enough to engage the services of a paid school teacher.

Father Schneider took up his residence in a two- storied frame house, the largest probablv in the vicinitv. EARLY GERMAN CATHOLIC PAROCHL\L SCHOOLS 295 CHURCH OF THE MOST BLESSED SACPw AMENT AT BALLV. The rear part of this church is the original chapel where Father Schneider Is burled.

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The school was considered an essen- tial part, a fixture of the parish. county), dating as far back a 1 74 1, as we see from the subjoineil cut. : Father Schneider's School at Goshenhoppfn The school oi Goshenlioppen was caccrly attx.But a nobler and holier fire than that of intellectual ambition burned in the soul of Father Schneider.He turned aside from the shining heights of academic fame, to devote himself, as a poor and humble missionary, to ihf ministry of souls It is interesting to contemplate the brilliant young priest, fresh from the honors and experience gained while ful- filling the office of Rector Ma^uificits of Heidelberg L'nlversity.He was a finely educated man and a devoted teacher and rendered great services to the cause of Catholic education in Pennsylvania during a pe- riod of twenty-five years. ^^K^ PRESKNT CATHOLIC PAROCHIAL SCHOOL AT ALLKNTOWN. In the spiritual its application is still hardly thought of as a possibility.Xot long al- ter coming to Goshenhoppen he was married to a widow named Johanna Our* ham. There was a time when the science of medicine con- cerned itself almost exclusively with trying to cure small-pox. Xow its efforts are mainly directed to their pre- vention, through vaccination, rigid sani- tation and destruction of the fever-bear- ing mosquito.

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