Winona ryder christian slater dating

Well, first, let me explain: this website was created back in 2004, when we was lacking an online archive with Winona information (specially being in a very complicated period of her life and career when fans couldn’t get proper news that was not gossips).

Despite having revamped the gallery once or twice, we’re still lacking a lot, including better organization.

Quote: N/ATrivia: The two remain friends, with Winona appearing on Rubin's instagram every so often.

Ryder, 45, and Slater, 47, starred in the dark comedy in 1988.

The Michael Lehmann–directed film centered on Veronica (Ryder) teaming up with bad boy J. (Slater) to kill three girls named Heather, staging each death as a suicide. He's the best." Ryder and Slater may reunite on Sunday night.

Slater says, “We don’t speak on a regular basis, but I love her.

I’ve never gotten over the crush I had on her then.

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