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In the pilot episode of the series, a stranger identifies Whitney as the loud one and the comedian proved she had no qualms about speaking up during the panel.As the lights dimmed to show the pilot episode to attendees, Cummings shouted, "Everybody laugh! As long as nothing is getting in my ass, I'm all right. That the first thing I need to know is your favorite animal. CONAN: Aren't they as smart as like a 2-year-old child?

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She's not as loud in real life: OK, that one might be a little bit of a stretch.

WHITNEY: there's a bunch of dead octopuses everywhere.

— on which Whitney Cummings plays, wait for it, Whitney Cummings — drawing a line in the sand between the fictional photographer and the real-life raunchy comedian seems a bit more difficult.

"The idea of the roasts are to be as dirty and filthy as possible.

In 2008, Cummings appeared in the San Francisco audition for Last Comic Standing, although she did not pass the showcase.

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