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When my wife and I watched the video on You Tube I said he looked like a cross between Tyler and Mick Jager. I don't mean to direct your private life or anything, it's just that, if I can save someone from a bad experience, then I'll have a go. It probably would be a little bit better if the lead singer didn't try to use his voice as if he was doing a more harder song. But if Hinder didn't stray away from the original then they get a congrats, but if they did. The simple, safe music for it could come from 'Barney' - just because it's got power chords (and it does have lots of them) and pushed-to-the-front rock drums doesn't mean it's anything more than that.

I love this song, if it was a little less heavy in the sense of the drums and electric guitars. I wish I could cheat on somebody, but that would require me to have at least two girls interested in me :(. At least when the Moody Blues did a song this weak, they arranged it better so as to make it more palatable.

And she If you knw Justin Bieber PLZ tell him to come to 11097 west mesquite drive Boise Idaho. So if you Know Justin Biebers location plz have him call Syndal at (208)-608-5885. :( if we don't find him i will lose my BFFL soon...soon...soon.This song comes to close to saying to I regret ever breaking up with you or dating her.I believe everyone has felt that way at some point. Its emotionally cheating - he shouldn't be dating someone if he is still in love with someone else, it isn't fair to the person he's with. I would be devastated if I learned that my bf had strong feelings for someone else and sometimes wishes I were her! Mitchell, Adelaide, Australia, as a guy, I would highly advise you NOT to cheat on anybody. One to line the birdcage and one to wipe my butt with. He is whispering on the phone, so as not to get caught. It's kind of exciting and naughty,and brings back alot of memories.We’re at a ramen place in her hometown of Nashville, gabbing about the corn fritter appetizers between us, sipping tea, with Hayley propping her two feet, encased in glittering low-top Vans, on the chair next to her.She treats almost everyone with this easy familiarity, it turns out.

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