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Making matters more complicated, his entire family was fake as well, only there to make things harder for the “bride” and her family, And it is that cruelty that made the show so difficult to watch. Reconnecting an adopted child with their biological parent is a huge moment in their life.Her poor family was completely in the dark, distraught for their daughter and genuinely hurt as the series progressed. Who would dare turn that into a horrible game show Oh yeah, Fox would.Only one episode ever aired, and it saw a poor woman stuck in a room with 25 men, one of which was the biological father she’d never known. To add to the torment, if she got it wrong, the person she chose got the cash.

But “Kid Nation” is easily one of the biggest misfires on this list. Amazingly, the creators have read “Lord of the Files” and still thought this was a good idea. Ratings plummeted enough that CBS didn’t try it again.Oh, she did get to touch their faces in the dark so that was weird… You know a production is in trouble from the word go if they pick a host who has no experience whatsoever, but is famous for entirely different reasons.In 2003, that person was Monica Lewinsky, because if anyone knew about finding love in 2003, it was anybody but her.Fox has effectively pulled the plug on its latest reality show disaster “You the Jury,” with only three episodes airing.It joins “Kicking & Screaming” as the latest in a string of bizarre and “we-wish-we-could-forget-you” reality show.

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