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She now works as an EMT (ie paramedic) for the New York Fire Department., which followed him as he travelled around America spinning his discs, as the young people say.

Pauly D, who became a father in 2013, even ended up signing a deal with 50 Cent's record label, opening on tour for Britney Spears and working with Jay Sean.

Nearly two years after the final episode of the reality series “Jersey Shore,” Deena Cortese is back on television.

But this time, she isn’t hitting the clubs with her fellow meatball – she’s seeking relationship counseling with her boyfriend, Chris Buckner.

In fact, The Situation ended up being a huge Reality property, making millions of dollars and releasing everything from an autobiography to a workout DVD (classic).

Last week, Cortese spoke to Cable TV via email about her time on the VH1 reality series, “Couples Therapy.” On the series, she and Buckner, along with several other couples, worked with Dr. How did the opportunity to appear on “Couples Therapy” come about?

They had come to us about the show and Chris and I figured there is always room for improvement and some stuff we could work on as a couple. I wanted to do the show because I really thought it was a great opportunity to work on my anxiety, OCD and the effect that both have had on our relationship.

The humorous MTV alum and beau Christopher Buckner -- who made his debut on the GTL-filled hit series and subsequently appeared with his ladylove on VH1's "I always knew I would spend the rest of my life with Christopher ..

Bachelorette bash at Karma, with a bit of dancing in the streets to cap off the festivities?

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