Who is bryton mcclure dating

Mc Clure chases Steve around(similar to Carl, whenever he breaks something).

The next day, Carl is audited by the IRS and he owes a lot of money to the government.

Richie is unaware that his friend Steve is irritating his Uncle Carl on several occasions and picking on and embarrassing his cousins Eddie and Laura on three occasions.

Richie was also friends with Little G and Jerry Jamal Jameson.

He gives her a refund, despite hearing her tell him that she always kept track of her own money, unlike her son.

He was portrayed by Bryton Mc Clure (later Bryton James).

He pardons her after revealing he fired the man who worked for him because he made a mistake in wrongfully auditing her.

Kincaid reveals that he was really auditing Stella Winslow(no relation to Estelle and her family).

Rachel has a stable job in Detroit and Richie moves out of the Winslow home to live with her.

Before leaving with his mother, Richie would be present to witness the birth of his 2nd cousin, Stephanie.

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