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As she begins to question her past and her disturbing dreams, the grim truth is slowly revealed.When she was nine-years-old, something awful happened to Audrina.She has been in 16 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. to celebrate the MTV reality show's 10th anniversary, Patridge talks about how blurred the lines between reality and fiction were on the series.As for dealing with her first pregnancy, Patridge wrote on her blog in December that she hasn’t experienced any morning sickness yet, but she has been feeling fatigued.“So far, I haven’t had any morning sickness, I just feel very tired and like I have a major hangover when I wake up, which is a change for me because I’m constantly on the go,” Patridge wrote.Soon after tenants move in they are tormented by a dark secret that has been trapped in the building for over 30 years. No diver has ever managed to find the bottom, though many have tried. Amelia Brooks disappears during a deep-water dive, her three daughters travel ...Running Wild is about Stella Davis, a widow who saves her ranch by working with convicts to rehabilitate a herd of wild horses that wandered on to her property. See full summary » Living in her family's secluded mansion, Audrina is kept alone and out of sight and is haunted by nightmares of her older sister, First Audrina, who was left for dead in the woods after an attack.

As far as friends go, we only invited the ones who’ve been there for us in the past year and who will continue to be there for us for the next 30. However, the situations do become clear, by the end of the story. Apparently, this is the main thrust (sorry) of the assignment given director Mike Rohl and his crew. You don't see much sex, by the way, since this movie is geared toward foreplay and fantasy. It's not a bad story, but what this TV movie does is show us the highlights in long family mystery. There is little attempt to build a mystery or piece them together. See full summary » A decade after Cathy, Christopher, and Carrie escaped from their grandparents' attic at Foxworth Hall, Petals on the Wind continues to follow the twisted plight of the family as they ...See full summary » A long abandoned slaughterhouse is transformed into modern lofts in a re-gentrified urban neighborhood.

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