Who is affion crockett dating

In the process of being a successful comedian and actor at the same time, Affion quits his craze for rapping and follow his heart.

However, he dreams of taking out his own rap albums one day.

Affion is the son of Janis Martina (Brown) and Leslie Scott Crockett. Affion Scott Crockett (born August 12, 1974) is an American actor, writer, dancer, rapper, comedian and music producer.He has appeared in many films and television shows, and had his own TV sketch comedy show, the short-lived 2011 series In the Flow with Affion Crockett.Perhaps Affion needs to go back to the internet where he was initially discovered. It's been mentioned before that this is Chapelle Show lite. Whatever problems may have existed initially with Chapelle Show, the charisma of Dave Chapelle carried it until the problems were worked out.I don't think Affion has it in him to be that likable.

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