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At the moment he has said he does not have a girlfriend or is even set his eyes on dating because he is too busy recording his upcoming studio album. “We never dated – she was my landlady when I was living in LA! In this particular case, the character falls in love with an actress on a screen, Monica Potter. Potter got wind that Duritz wrote a song about her and through their agents requested a dinner meeting to ask him about it.He was in the middle of recording the song yet agreed. Yup, that’s Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz, he of the saddest dreads known to bird- and mankind, on the cover of tour that I went to my first Crows show, and then went on to see them six more time over the next five years.

Adam has not married yet even after dating numerous celebrities he has said he has yet to find someone who will be his wife. Adams is also known for his unusual quotes , one of which gained wide spread attention was “If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghost”.#divorce.Adam Duritz who considers himself an old timer is relatively new to the world of social networking and exchanging conversations via the internet.Adam who has dated some of Hollywood’s finest ladies from Jennifer Aniston to Courtney Cox has just given an insight into how the musician views the concept of dating. Here’s a partial list of famous females Duritz dated: -Courteney Cox -Mary-Louise Parker -Jennifer Aniston -Monica Potter -Samantha Mathis As for rumored flings Christina Applegate and Winona Ryder: What about Christina Applegate? I mention that to prove I’m not a Counting Crows hater — more of a Counting Crows self-loather, if anything — so I say this with a certain amount of begrudging respect and/or wonder: how the hell did Adam Duritz get some from so many gorgeous ladies?

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