When does daria start dating trent

(Tom suddenly leans over and kisses Daria, who seems to enjoy it... (she and Tom then engage in another lip-lock, this time deliberately) Tom - That was definitely not funny. (Daria scrambles out of the car and runs into the house, leaving Tom alone with his thoughts) (at the Morgendorffer house) (Jake is sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper as Daria walks in; she's a virtual zombie, torn and conflicted over what happened between her and Tom the previous night) Jake - They're going to make it illegal to shoot squirrels? Helen - Well, if your mother's 80, what the hell is she doing dragging some poor bastard to the altar?! (she hangs up, then dials another number) Tom - Hello?

(that's not a response Jane expected; she freezes on the spot, wide-eyed and disbelieving) Jane - What?

Jane - Okay, maybe not trying to steal him or anything.

I mean, okay, I don't hate him so much anymore, but that's not exactly an affair to remember.

Trent - Then why did she think she could do your hair?

(Jane doesn't have an answer for that) (cut to a montage of scenes: Daria ringing the doorbell at Jane's house, and Daria at school trying to call Jane at home; both are met with no success) (Daria walks down the hall, and is approached by Jodie) Jodie - Hey, Daria.

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