What to expect when dating a sagittarius

Start chatting about a recent trip you took or a documentary you enjoyed and he’ll be all ears.The Sagittarius male has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and anything you can add to his mental database is always welcomed.If you are the lazy kinds, then you share no love compatibility with him and a breakup is inevitable.Hopefully that also means you value your independence because he certainly does!His comments are never malicious but they can be brutally honest, and he won’t hold back with you either.

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You’ll have to keep up your energy to keep up with him, but if you like to always be on the go, he’s the guy for you.

To get closer to him, one has to move through the crowd to do so.

He is brutally honest and humbly loyal to what he feels good.

Don’t expect the Sagittarius guy to be around or even easily accessible all the time for he disappears often to explore some new idea or location.

He can be forgetful sometimes with his busy life, so you’ll have to schedule things with him in such a way that it sticks in his memory.

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