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New York is rife with bars of all kinds -- walk a few blocks and you’ll run into a grungy dive, a pricey cocktail spot, or a crowded neighborhood favorite.Having so many different options means picking one can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve made things easy for you by rounding up the 50 bars you absolutely need to drink in before you die (or leave New York, whichever comes first).What was the most indulgent purchase you've ever made?

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Also known as Horseshoe Bar for the shape of the wooden bar or Vazac’s after the Polish catering hall that used to be here, 7B is one of those last-remaining relics of true East Village grunge.

Check back bi-weekly to get a fresh dose of the funky fresh vibes!! We solemnly swear to bring you the funkiest, freshest most fire disco & funk tracks the world has to offer. We asked Mitiko for some artist suggestions and he told us to lookup Loshmi among a myriad of other artist from the label Fruity Flavor.

A few hours of stumbling around Soundcloud and we found this lovely remix of Gayle Adams "Emergency." Some serious vocals and pure disco heat in this one.

Not specifically, but, as proved by a British study, all those right-wingers suffer from an enlargement of the amygdala in the lower brain. Hopefully, there will be a corrective surgery for this in the near-future (if we make it to a near-future). One place I like is the Fragonard Room at the Frick Museum, with those big paintings of rococo sweeties frolicking in gardens.

What do you wish someone had told you about the business you're in?

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