Video chat with pregnant

Where once parents-to-be received health advice from antenatal appointments and Dr Spock books, now pregnancy is all about downloadable, recordable and wearable technology that keeps you in the loop about everything from the size of your baby to its heartbeat.

Once you’re connected, you can blurt out the news and watch each family member’s reaction.

You can also have a video made of your first ultrasound so you can send copies along to your family members, or splice it into your pregnancy video journal.

Alternatively, you and your partner can make a short video together, announcing the news.

“It didn’t exactly help.” Ovia’s co-founder Alex Baron started working on the algorithm behind his app — a conception and pregnancy planner — in 2010 “when my wife and I were thinking about trying to start a family”, he blogged.

“I actually tested it on my family and it worked first time — my wife got pregnant.” After the old-fashioned “hoping for the best” method and diary planning, conception has become a military, tech-planned operation.

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