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The service claims that it needs 1.5 Mbps minimum bandwidth to operate, but it seems to adapt accordingly to however fast or slow your connection may be.

We encountered many hiccups and dropped video calls during our tests (as did the company when it demoed the service at a press event today), but we'd mostly attribute these things to launch-day demand and server jitters.

Chatliv provides you with an amazing real time and live online Face to Face chatting experience.

Unlike other chat sites, you don't have to wait for Stranger to respond.

The company employs a group of full-time screen-watchers tasked with watching anonymous feeds of video chats around the world and flagging people doing reprehensible things on camera.

There are also algorithms responsible for banning users who get reported too many times, but perhaps it's been a little overzealous thus far.

It's simple to report someone as abusive if they start stripping or cursing at you, and since Airtime is tied to your Facebook account (and not an IP address), the company will have a much easier time moderating and banning users.

Sure, it's not too difficult to create a new Facebook account, but users violating Airtime's Terms of Use will get flagged and banned extremely quickly.

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Airtime also separates itself by letting you video chat with people you know using your name, as well as with strangers you share interests with anonymously.You can also narrow things down by your current city, as well as by your interests on Facebook.While you're chatting, you can watch videos from You Tube together using picture in picture, with more synchronous sharing options to come that could relate to music (Spotify comes to mind, where Sean Parker sits on the board) and online games.The company hopes that following an intense episode of Mad Men, people will hop online and talk to strangers about it.On the whole, Airtime video chats seem to be better quality than those on Google , and about on par with a Face Time call over a decent connection.

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