Venus says dating

So, what does your Venus sign say about your personality.

You're independent, competitive, and have an impulsive approach to life.

"When guys get nervous and they want to impress you, they say, ‘Oh, I can beat you at tennis,'" she told the "It’s wild! I will beat you blindfolded, left-handed, with a crutch and cane.’ That’s kind of the first thing that makes me not hear anything else they say.'" "I’m all bossed up," the ever-quotable Venus says elsewhere in the piece, noting her ongoing, refreshingly hands-on leadership with both Ele Ven by Venus, her fashion brand and V-Starr Interiors, her design firm.

"But she also embraces other people's perspectives.

You can be inconsistent when it comes to love and you have no problem juggling more than one love interest at a time.

You enjoy the romance and excitement of love but not the obligations and commitments.

One of the most difficult yet most rewarding things that we can do is to learn about ourselves.

The more we know, the more we can make good choices and take more positive actions.

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