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To learn how to do that, check this out: Retrieve Access Auto Number Value After Insert I think that you've left out a bit of information. Generally speaking, you'll be using an Auto Number column as your primary key. As can be seen in this article Walkthrough: Saving Data from Related Data Tables (Hierarchical Update) for Sql Server only two End Edit calls are added manually in code for hierarchical updates to work properly. Unfortunately, as soon as I step off the new record in the 'child grid' with a new parent an exception is thrown (System. Invalid Constraint Exception: Foreign Key Constraint). The rowupdate code hasn't been invoked at that stage, and I am unable to see where this is falling over? There must be a hidden difference somewhere ( I have set the datasets up with the same relationships as yours / form code is identical, and have added the Get Last Auto Number code to each table, and this is working fine when I preview the code in the designer )? Not sure if I've just had an Epiphany on this, but if I just add an event to the child Binding source - as below, then that seems to do the job? End Edit() End Sub You may or may not have to commit new parent records; it depends on the type of control that is used to bind to your data source.

When you add a row to your Data Table in your application, it will generate a temporary PK value. I have tried the code in the post shown, and OK - much doesn't make a lot of sense, but if I could at least get it working - it would let me step through the logic and get to grips with it. It doesn't seem to be showing an error in the Child Data Grid View_Data Error handler and creating this stub avoids the error, but obviously doesn't save the record. Not fully checked it through, but seems to work 100%, and obviously needs some tidying up/error handling... Adding New Event Args) Handles Child Binding Source. In this walkthrough, you use individual controls to bind to the parent table; this requires the additional code to commit the new parent record Beth Massi did the same with grid Enter event and said "You must commit the parent row to the Data Table before adding child rows". End Edit Method "Applies pending changes to the underlying data source", this basically means that the new parent record is still only text in textboxes and needs to be added to the data source (Data Table).

Resulta que al definir un Image Button (o Link Button) en un Template Item y usar el Command Name=”Select” se habilita un evento adicionar para poder capturar esta acción, si es que el Selected Index Changed no nos convence. Hay un pequeño detalle con este evento y se trata de la definición del Command Argument para determinar que fila lanza la acción.

[C#] Protected Sub gv Person_Row Command(sender As Object, e As Grid View Command Event Args) If e. Value) End If End Sub Una de las mejores técnicas usada para detectar que entidad se esta editando o seleccionado es por medio de id o código que esta tenga asignada, pero como logar hacerlo sin mostrar el identificador al usuario en una columna ?

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If your Data Table still contains the temporary value though, any child rows you add to the Data Set will contain an invalid foreign key. Row Updated, Address Of Purchases Table Adapter_Rowupdated (the PARENT - errors that _Row Updated is not declared) Add Handler Me. Steve Thanks John - I had already looked at another of Beth Massi's posts, but alas - maybe my lack of coding expertise in this area - her solution to the problem missed a key point (she claimed that if the relationships were set up, then the cascade option automatically populated the FK values and performed the parent/child updates (no extraneous code was proposed, but her solution did not work for FK key constraint failures. Private Sub _adapter_Row Updated(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System.

I have VB 2010 accessing Access via the normal OLEDB connection (project data source). When you add a row to your Data Table in your application, it will generate a temporary PK value. Row Updated, Address Of Purchase Items Table Adapter_Row Updated It certainly does not say that.

A Form containing MASTER/DETAIL Records - created by making a dataset from both tables, setting the relationship to cascade all changes etc and with FK relation constraints). When you save that row to your database, it will generate a final PK value. Row Updated, Address Of Purchases Table Adapter_Rowupdated (the PARENT - errors that _Row Updated is not declared) Add Handler Me. Maybe it says that 'Purchases Table Adapter_Rowupdated' is not declared so the obvious fix is to declare it. TRANSACTION IS NOT A MEMBER OF DATASET TABLE ADAPTER Thanks for the feedback - appreciate I have 2 minds on this with far more knowledge than mine.

He visto en reiteradas oportunidad que una operación simple como es el caso de operar con una fila de un Grid View se puede transformarse en algo complejo, mas que nada motivado por la distintas formas que hay para realizar esta acción.

En este articulo veremos las algunas formas de lograrlo y como difieren las técnicas que se puede aplicarse.

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