Validating optical motion capture assessments of

In at least some embodiments, a disclosed downhole optical radiometry tool includes a tool body having a downhole sample cell for fluid flow.

A light source transmits a light beam through the fluid flow and a spectral operation unit (SOU) such as a prism, filter, interferometer, or multivariate optical element (MOE).

In cooperation with other TNO departments other aspects may be addressed including ergonomics, selection of materials or fabrication techniques.

TNO advises in finding solutions to improve personal protection systems and enhance the security and safety of persons for a range of threats including bullets, explosions, fragments, knife stabbing, hitting and punching.

What protection level is provided by bullet proof vests and how can this be improved?

Can feasible requirements for personal protection be specified given a specific threat range?

This is just a small selection of the questions TNO can answer.

Research projects typically start with the definition of the threat (explosive, ammunition, etc.) which is transformed into a load or effect on the human body, outfit and gear.

Some disclosed downhole optical radiometry tools include a tool body having a sample cell for fluid flow.

Combining experiments with numerical simulations provides an efficient method to evaluate the protection level provided by the equipment.

The results of which may be compared with international standards and research.

Participation in international forums keeps TNO at the front end of global developments.

This enables TNO to support and advise on the improvement and development of personal protection.

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