Validating knowledge management claims testimonials

I highly recommend this book and the others in KMCI's series." - Benyamin Bergmann Lichtenstein, Ph.

D., Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, Syracuse University Enterprises, Syracuse University"Joe Firestone's and Mark Mc Elroy's new book is a welcome look at some of the pendant issues to be addressed by any formal attempt to build a conceptual and technical KM system.

Key Issues in The New Knowledge Management is a critical reading for anyone who envisions a place for themselves on the KM map in the years ahead." - Professor Francisco J.One might say that all knowledge management is problem solving.Corporations depend on validated information but this is not the same as saying they depend on true or certain information.An agent's pre-existing information provides structure to the world of experience. Knowledge is a subset of information (not a superset) that has been evaluated without ever being proven.Knowledge is an outcome of knowledge production and integration processes.

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