Updating modem driver

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By using the namespace, you can write a Windows Store app that talks to a custom USB device.

Over the last 6 months or so, it’s picked up a quirk where it randomly drops the signal and starts to overheat in my pocket.

Only toggling in and out of airplane mode to restart the connection solves the problem.

In the mobile phone world however, when Google updates Android, manufacturers update their firmware along with it.

Mostly these are incremental updates to improve stability or battery life.

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So stop reading and go have a cup of tea or something, your job is done.Turns out that just as Android gets regular updates, there are updates to the firmware of the cellular modem inside your phone.In any other device, I would expect the firmware to remain extremely stable, and new versions of the OS to include equally stable drivers.In order to update your modem firmware, The first thing to do is to find out the Android version that you’re using on your particular ROM.On most ROMs you can find out under “Settings”, “About this phone”. Next, you have to find out the version of the most recent modem firmware release for your device, built for the same version of Android you’re running.

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