Updating garmin 200 nuvi maps

E.g., I need decent maps for hiking in Germany and Brazil/Argentina on an upcoming trip.

I would not expect track logs to take much room, but good to have the larger card so I don't have to worry.

I attached my garmin nuvi 200 to my computer and drag and dropped the file into a folder on my garmin's sd card but still not getting maps.I've just downloaded the Central America map from there, copied it to a "Garmin" folder on the micro-sd card on my Nuvi 265w, searched for "Belize" (via Where To / Cities / Spell) and got a map of Belize City.The mapping's a bit incomplete, but that's because the data isn't in OSM yet.One wonder why they even bothered to tell me that the 32GB card would be supported.The garmin maps are protected from copying as expected, though JAVAWA may help to back up to your new card(?

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