Updating app config Webcambisexal

Since a lot of apps make HTTP requests to get or set infomation, any agent can view this data in their browser if the setting is not secure.Users need some kind of user interface to enter the settings when installing the app or to edit the settings after installing the app. You can define the setting labels displayed on the generated settings page. I’m going to talk at you about two things: constants, and cloud config.This way, he could tweak the UI and commit the changes without me having to get involved.All they can see in the console are the placeholders, not the values.

property when you don't want users to see sensitive information in the parameters when making HTTP requests.However, it will not take effect for existing parameters where a value has already been set.Don't use the default value as a fallback value.Only requests to the white-listed domains will work for secure requests.The whitelist prevents attackers from hijacking the secure setting to reroute it to another domain and using it.

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