Updating active directory to r2

Type Add-Windows Feature Web-Server, Web-Basic-Auth, Web-Windows-Auth, NET-FRAMEWORK-45-Core, NET-FRAMEWORK-45-ASPNET, Web-HTTP-Logging, Web-NET-Ext45, Web-ASP-Net45 and press Enter 4. Directory Manager usually works fine with most web applications running on the same IIS server provided the server remains in a minimum of IIS 6 mode.We recommend against running Directory Manager on the same server with Microsoft Share Point.The properties/attributes that are available on the Directory Manager Edit dialog box are controlled by the administrator.Data accuracy is enforced through drop-down lists and field validation.

Most of these are significantly more expensive and are often full-blown user account provisioning systems.The authorized user uses a simple search interface to locate users and edit those users.The authorized user can then double-click on a selected user and edit the properties of that user.We can use some attributes that are provided by the Exchange Server “schema” prep forest.To use attributes such as the extension attributes (aka custom attributes) we suggest you “prep” you forest with a minimum of Exchange Server 2003, but this is not necessary.

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