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Trace Dempsey Cyrus is an American musician born on born February 24, 1989 A. Trace is adopted son of countryside singer Billy Ray Cyrus and half-brother of famous artist at the present Miley Cyrus. Trace Cyrus own the clothes company From Backseats to Bedrooms.His biological fater is Baxter Neal Helson and adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus. Trace and guitarist of his band Mason Musso started playing together since 2006, and created Metro Station the same year with their drummer Anthony Improgo and band’s keyboardist Blake Healy.Her stage name is Kittens and she runs a non-profit DJ workshop to fund women’s shelters.This isn’t the first time the 25-year-old has gone on a Disneyland date: she has also done the same with previous boyfriends like DNCE vocalist Joe Jonas, Trace Cyrus (brother to Miley), actor Wilmer Valderrama, and MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos. Demi Lovato: I'm a vegetarian, though, so I just eat the vegetables. Joe Jonas: Demi, do you think you'll ever eat meat again? What's the point of hurting the world if I don't like it? "It could have been better timing," admits Joe, calling from Washington, D. "But there's never really a good time for something like that.

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"I kind of learned throughout this whole experience that having my private life public isn't as awesome as it might seem," the seventeen-year-old says with a rueful little laugh. Demi Lovato: So what was the hardest thing for you about making ? Demi Lovato: Yeah, I went to church camp when I was in the sixth grade. Joe Jonas: I went to sleepaway camp seven years in a row. We had these relay races at the end of every summer, and the majority of the competitions were eating contests. Joe Jonas: In some ways, making this movie felt like camp all over again. If you had, you wouldn't have been in : So, Demi, you didn't already fancy him? She'll say, "Listen to this great song."Demi Lovato: And he's like . If I wasn't on set, I was cooking or working out. Joe Jonas: Have you ever been to a real summer camp? Obviously, I didn't have a say in who was going to be cast, but it ended up being a good thing that you didn't get that role. It sucked, watching, but I was always happy for him. Demi Lovato: Sometimes it was like, "So my boyfriend is so awesome." "Well, my girlfriend is really great." "Good for you! Joe Jonas: Well, I used to like the Jonas Brothers. Joe Jonas: She listens to harder music sometimes than I would. Demi Lovato: And I would rather see an action film. Trace has also wrote a song for his father Billy Ray Cyrus, he also has written many songs and preformed it in the stage as well as recorded and published in the market. On 14 October, 2011, Trace Cyrus stated that he was engaged to actress Brenda Song. Before their engagement Trace and his girlfriend had dated and spotted at romantic places several times. In 2012 June, Cyrus stated that the couple had ended up their relationship, yet they reunited in January 2013. Demi Lovato is also American actress and as well as singer.

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