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The announcers spoke in stentorian tones, as if giving a formal speech to a crowd and not communicating on a personal level.

Godfrey vowed that when he returned to the airwaves, he would affect a relaxed, informal style as if he were talking to just one person.

In this CBS publicity photo of Arthur Godfrey Time, vocalist Patti Clayton is seen at the far right and Godfrey sits in the foreground.

Clayton, the original 1944 voice of Chiquita Banana, was married to Godfrey's director, Saul Ochs.

In the autumn of 1942, he also became the announcer for Fred Allen's Texaco Star Theater show on the CBS network, but a personality conflict between Allen and Godfrey led to his early release from the show after only six weeks.

Godfrey became nationally known in April 1945 when, as CBS's morning-radio man in Washington, he took the microphone for a live, firsthand account of President Roosevelt's funeral procession. Unlike the tight-lipped news reporters and commentators of the day, who delivered news in an earnest, businesslike manner, Godfrey's tone was sympathetic and neighborly, lending immediacy and intimacy to his words. Truman's car in the procession, Godfrey fervently said, in a choked voice, "God bless him, President Truman." Godfrey broke down in tears and cued the listeners back to the studio.

In 1937, he was a host on Professor Quiz, radio's first successful quiz program. He would participate in exercises around the Washington area.

One surviving broadcast from 1939 has Godfrey unexpectedly turning on his microphone to harmonize with The Foursome's recording of "There'll Be Some Changes Made." Godfrey was anxious to remain connected with the Navy, but found his hip injuries rendered him unsuitable for military service. Roosevelt, who listened to his Washington program, and through Roosevelt's intercession, he received a commission in the U. Godfrey eventually moved his base to the CBS station in New York City, then known as WABC (now WCBS), and was heard on both WJSV and WABC for a time.

Godfrey loved to sing, and would frequently sing random verses during the "talk" portions of his program.He also used that style to do his own commercials and became a regional star.Over time, he added wisecracks to his commercials and would kid the sponsors, a risky move that quickly gained acceptance when his sponsors discovered their sales increased after Godfrey's added jokes.Godfrey's father was something of a "free thinker" by the standards of the era.He did not disdain organized religion but insisted that his children explore all faiths before deciding for themselves which to embrace.

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