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During this process the user could also record alongside the written message either to go along with a recorded message, or narrate a live feed.

The pen would complete an electric current that would burn images into the sheet, and then the same marks would appear on the receiver and could be projected for wider view.

Generally, by the early 1930s narrow widths were replaced by 36″ to 39″ for most all American dressmaking cottons and by the early 60s the standard was 42″ to 44″ though some 36″ widths cottons lingered on for another decade.

One notable holdout is Liberty of London lawn still being manufactured in 36″.

We spend hours each week finding rooms and objects that are special to those rooms, along with as much information about them as possible to keep everything accurate and educational.

Long before our current age of cell phones and web messaging, people had to communicate long distances in ways feasible at the time.The photo above is of Micheels himself using the electro writer.In this photo he was lecturing to an education conference in Oregon.Although they have been replaced by the Italian super pimas of today, old percale is highly coveted and a quilter’s dream find.Organdy, lawn organdy and Swiss muslin are often mistaken for each other.

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