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As in all reviews, the thoughts that follow are my own.Secondly, before the review begins, how do you introduce someone who calls themselves Magic?Peppered with essential tips and interesting facts about the industry, this expert guide will help you get the most out of speed dating.This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code.Good Looking Women Will Chase You And Do All The Work – Even Your Female Friends Will Compete To Get In Bed with You!” Furthermore, Magic promises that anyone can “Attain High Status Among Men And Every Man Would Want To Be Friends With You Hoping To Get A Little Piece of The Action By Getting In Your Good Books!

Here’s a quick bit on how Magic uses self-deprecating humor to his ultimate advantage.

This knowledge led him to sexual encounters with more than 400 women, and ultimately to marry the woman of his dreams.

Magic is known to be a tough coach who runs military-style workshops that force men to evolve overnight, but you may not know that he is actually a softy who craves chocolate 5 times a day.

In fact there was a time Magic’s clients brought him chocolate to workshops as part of his compensation, and sometimes even as a form of bribe to make him go easy on them. In his spare time (after he is done indulging in women), he secretly works on the screenplay that is his dream project.

According to Magic’s website, with his help you can become “The #1 Choice Of Every Woman.

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