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It’s the production of thermal energy, in the form of hot water, cold water, or steam from a central location which is used to heat a district or a community through a network of underground pipes.Much like using public transportation or carpooling, efficiencies can be gained by heating water for many buildings from one central place rather than buildings being heated individually.In Canada, District Energy Systems heat millions of square feet of commercial, residential, and institutional space.

The unemployment rate in Romania is high as well, but even employed people get poor salaries for their work.One more surprising thing to British people who visit Romania is the fact that prices are very low for everything in this country.But remember they seem cheap for you, as you came here with British salary, but Romanians get much less than people in the UK and so they need to have lower prices than in the UK to survive, as it sounds logical.Edmonton is one of the last large municipalities in Canada to enjoy the benefits of a District Energy system but that may soon change thanks to the efforts of City of Edmonton and ENMAX.District Energy roots go as far back as the ancient Roman baths and the concept is surprisingly simple and effective for modern times.

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